The University of Waterloo & Community WITH GAZA
It has been long enough.
I will shout loudly for you until you are heard my Palestinian brothers and sisters
I choose peace!!!
An American
Dr. Bashir al-Hajjar, age 47, killed by Israeli attack to UN vehicle #GazaNames
Puerto Rico. Todos somos Palestina. Paz y Libertad para Palestina.
Unidentified #570
Al-Hut Mohamed Ahmed 41 años. Paz para el mundo y dejar q matar vidas inocentes. Que todo el mundo sepa tu nombre Al-Hut hasta siempre!!!
With love
Mother Shaima died before giving birth, Baby Shaima died 5 days later.
from kings X st pancras. support love empathy
Children, women, civilians, may their sacrifice not be in vain!
Unspeakable Horror
“If I were to remain silent, I'd be guilty of complicity.” - A. Einstein
On ne répare une injustice par une autre injustice.
Sometimes all it takes is one voice.
We will not forget you
hold Israel accountable.
Travis Steel & Tom Compton of At Tempe, AZ Rally for Gaza-7/11/14
I cry everyday. Please stop this genocide.
I'm nine years old too :( Children shouldn't be part of any war.
Sarah Farahat, independant artist and activist working from Portland, Oregon to encorporate justice, solidarity, liberation and love in her life work.
Because they are more than statistics
stop war
As a widow
Protest of Gaza
Stop bombing innocent children in Gaza.
Seham Moussa Abu Jarad,26 - Same age as me. I am a Muslim and I am praying for them everyday. Israil is not a state! FreedomforPalestain ! #GazzaNames
USTA FAMİLY ... we choose justice ...
This is simply wrong. No human is illegal or worthless.
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